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Founded in 2014, Link Capital UK was launched with the ambition to provide SME businesses and property developers with access to impartial advice about their commercial finance options, and to advocate on their behalf for fair financing from demonstrably conscientious and ethically sound lenders.

Link Capital UK’s efforts to disrupt the market were led by founder Theo Kemp, the youngest directly authorised Director for consumer credit according to the FCA. Under Theo’s stewardship, the company has flourished, and enjoys unique opportunities to support trading businesses to achieve financial stability and growth, and to help property developers successfully deliver their projects.

Our vision at Link Capital UK is to become our clients’ trusted partner for all their specialist structured finance needs.

This is important because it underpins our thinking in every element of how we maintain our standards, deliver our services, and do our best to ensure our customers’ success.

Theo's status as the youngest directly authorised director for consumer credit is an honour that has ensured the importance of staying compliant has been deeply embedded into the culture of Link Capital UK.

As well as scrupulously conforming to the regulations laid out by the FCA, we have also adopted and hold ourselves accountable to the NACFB code of ethics.

Beyond these regulatory measures, we ensure that all of our employees are fully aware of the ethical and moral standards we will hold them to internally.

To become a trusted partner in business, it is vital to be honest, even to our own detriment. That means that we do not advise based on price, neither in terms of cost to the customer, or return for ourselves.

We will work diligently to completely understand a customer’s needs and situation, and we will then recommend and attempt to secure an appropriate solution that has the greatest chance of success, i.e. running smoothly without incurring any penalties or hidden charges, and which won’t go into default etc.

We sell our services on the understanding that we are looking to source our customer completely bespoke, manageable, structured finance that will meet their needs and will not do them or their business any harm. We are ‘commercial in the client’s best interest’.

We also believe in loyalty to our clients, and this is evidenced by our full life-cycle support for every solution we help to deliver. That means that from enquiry to exit, our clients can always contact us for advice and support, and they will always receive the same high quality, timely, and professional service.

The joy in our work comes both from the thrill of securing the right structured finance for a client, often because that is the result of an intense period of work, but also from the achievements we help to deliver.

Specialist, structured finance helps to grow businesses and the economy, build new homes, expand access to education and healthcare facilities, and much more. We are proud to be a part of that, and we are proud to be able to use some of the profits from our work to support charities like Cancer Research UK.

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