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Our vision for Link Capital UK

A welcome from our CEO, Theo Kemp.


We are an independent, specialist financial consultancy. We support trading enterprises and property developers to secure funding that helps to keep your business flowing.

One of our core values is to constantly explore and evolve. That means we are always developing our network, searching for new products, and following industry innovation so that we can expand and enhance our range of services for our clients.

However, it also means that we look inwards to ourselves, evolving our ways of working, holding ourselves to account, analysing challenges, and using lessons learned to improve the timeliness and professionalism of our service delivery.

Our key aspiration is to become your trusted partner for your financial brokerage needs, and we achieve that partly by maintaining these efforts to learn, adapt, and plan for the future.

That is the reason I decided the time was right for us to create our formal corporate vision, and I am keen to share it with everyone, both internally, and with our clients.

It is important for this to be a public statement because I believe in absolute transparency with our clients, our partners, and our lenders. If we are to be trusted, then we must open and honest with our networks, so that we can building trusting, lasting relationships.

Our Mission

We link UK based property developers and trading commercial entities with niche capital lenders who can deliver bespoke, specialist structured financing in a timely manner.

Our Vision

To be our clients’ trusted partner for their specialist structured finance needs.

To deliver our vision, we have created three key objectives to help guide our planning and activities:

1. Our Customer Objective

We will build a high trust customer journey that prioritises the timely delivery of services and solutions.

2. Our Operational Objective

We will improve our efficiency, and we will reduce bureaucracy ‘at the point of need’ for our customers to deliver greater value and faster results.

3. Our Growth Objective

We will explore opportunities and partnerships that allow us to deliver outstanding services and support in new verticals.

Our Values

Our activities will be important, but it is our shared values that will have the greatest impact on our future achievements.


We work hard to build trust and rapport with our clients, and we ensure that we are available to support them whenever they need us.


From replying to emails and paying invoices, to delivering services when they are needed most and within deadlines, we are always on time.


We are always honest and straight-talking. We will always be open about our clients' options, even if it is to our detriment. We value trust and, openness, and respect above all else.


Alongside being polite, communicative, and discrete, we make continuous efforts to stay on top of changes to regulations, understanding new products, and tracking changes that affect services.


We are continuously expanding our areas of expertise, always looking for new types of products and following industry innovation.


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