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Why seasoned developers choose LINK Capital UK to broker their exit loans

Seasoned property developers will have often experienced funding shortfall toward the end of long projects, typically as a result of issues beyond their control. As a brokerage with over 10 years’ experience securing funding for developers to complete projects, or to unlock capital tied up in finished developments, we are an ideal partner to support you with an exit loan application.

We know that speed, trust, and deliverability are key to meeting the needs of developers looking to secure development exit finance, and we are proud that we can honestly say we excel in all three areas.

Our team have a demonstrable track record of delivering properly structured finance deals fast, even across weekends and bank holidays. With a breadth of experience supporting major development, we understand our clients’ often need to secure funding quickly and we have built our processes around meeting tight deadlines.

We have a reputation for building trusting relationships with clients and lenders. We work closely with clients to build a highly informed and trusting partnership, and we have spent many years building a carefully vetted network of reputable lenders, so that we can be an honest brokerage who are commercial in our clients’ best interests.

In particular, we are well known amongst senior lenders for our proficiency with Inter-Creditor Deeds and our understanding of the different ways compound interest is calculated. This puts us in good standing with reputable senior lenders, and facilitates quick decisions and faster turnaround times.

Another key benefit of working with an experienced regulated broker like LINK Capital UK is that we are able to articulate to lenders many of the problems that developments encounter. The complexities of some of these challenges can create an inflated impression of risk with lenders when not handled properly.

However, not only do our lenders trust us, but we are able to address their specific concerns succinctly and without needing to revert to the client, minimising loan security demands, and increasing both potential deliverability, and turnaround times.

If you’re an experienced developer and your broker has either let you down, or you want to explore other opportunities that could serve you better, drop us a line and let us prove why so many seasoned developers choose LINK Capital UK.

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